5 Reasons Why Twenty-Somethings Need Planners!

Let’s face it!

We’ve all had those moments when we forgot to do something unintentionally due to the many responsibilities of life. Whelp, welcome to the life of a twenty-something!

Once you leave high school, everything gets magnified.  I mean EVERYTHING. Work stress starts to kick in, a dash of bill due dates, the pressure of maintaining friendships and let’s not forget seeing family! If you are up in the air about purchasing a planner this year, here’s why I feel that they are a necessity for a productive and intentional lifestyle.

Practice Self Discipline

Simply put, planning allows you to establish and see a clear plan. You have insight on time, days, months and your task all at once. By planning your days, it allows you to hold yourself accountable to those things you have to do. I personally feel that self discipline is the product of good habits. Take action by creating a strategy to get your task done by writing it done and completing those task in a timely manner.

Track Your Finances

When I first moved into my apartment 2 years ago, I didn’t write down all bill due dates so it caused me to be highly unorganized with finances (keep it real!). Writing bill due dates down allows you to track your finances every month.Write down when you get paid, your due dates and cost of bills along with other monthly purchases you know that will be coming up. Trust me, you feel much better when doing this!

Maintain Friendships

I laughed the first time I heard a friend planning out her phone calls and Skype dates! Looking back, I see exactly why we need to take action to be intentional about maintaining friendships. Working full time along with other life responsibilities can cause you to disconnect from meaningful friendships. Schedule when you should reach out to friends. This can be a once a week thing or even a once a month thing. It all depends on how often you feel you should catch up and take inventory of that relationship.

Develop Consistency

The first step of taking consistent action over your task is to write them down. Seeing your task written down and planned (especially in a physical planner), causes you to be reminded of those things every time you open your planner! By setting deadlines for completion of your task, you are creating a good habit that eventually will lead you to being more consistent.

Keep Records

Lastly, it’s always nice to look back at the end of the year and see all you’ve done! By seeing your level of productivity, you can plan successfully the following year. Never throw away your planner because it remind you of your achievements of the year. Now, let’s get to planning!


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