DISTRACTIONS- Learning To Focus.



Lately, I been feeling  extremely distracted. Maybe it’s because I’m growing older and recognizing that time is crucial. Who you spend it with and what you do with it is very important. After all, throughout time those experiences start to absorb in you and eventually affects your mood, behavior, and most importantly your thoughts! Almost 24 years of age, I can honestly say that I somewhat know what I want and need in life, but sometimes distractions lead me off the right track.

One day, it came to me. I was spending entirely too much time with things that distracted me. I thought to myself, “Really? I can be doing things that are more beneficial spirituality, physically and mentally!“. Shortly after this thought came to me, Heather Lindsey- uploaded a video “Distractions: The Fight To Be Disciplined“. Well, let’s just say that she definitely spoke about some of my distractions!

*Insert Side Eye Emoji*.

Don’t you LOVE when you are put on the spot during a sermon or conversation? That person speaks of exactly what you’re doing wrong and you feel the conviction even more! #NOSHADE haha!

Truth is, I just want to reach my full potential in life spirituality and mentally. I believe we all can, but distractions can pull us away from that. You may want to spend time with god, but your distracted with social media and/or television. You may have to get things done around your apartment, but every time a friend calls asking you to go out you say “yes” with no hesitation .

This post was not written with the intentions of saying you can live a life free from distractions, but to rather acknowledge them and set boundaries! A life without boundaries or discipline will make you all types of crazy! For example, one of my distractions is social media. Whether Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, we can spend lots of time looking at the lives of other individuals not knowing that the combined time we spend on it in a day can be a total of hours! Now I monitor my time on those networks and truly learned to tell myself “alright, that’s enough!”.

I encourage you to analyze what you do with time. Like I stated in the beginning, time is valuable. You can spend your whole life fully engaged in things distracting  you from your purpose. We must learn to set boundaries and to simply say “no” .

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  1. December 20, 2015 / 8:52 pm

    This post spoke me….Like you, I have been so distracted lately… I have good intentions every day, writing my goals down in my to-do list & like clock work I get sucked into the YouTube black hole (ha ha). Your post really brought it back home for me. Thank you….:)
    P.S *love your YouTube channel & blog, found you through a comment from bronzegoddess01 on her YT video on,”Beauty on YouTube”. So glad, I did. You are such an inspiration. Keep encouraging & inspiring people with your videos & blog. God bless

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