Motivation Mondays- How To Deal With Negative People

I hope that you’re off to an amazing start of the week! Today, I decided to do a video on how to deal with negative people/negative energy. The older I get, I realize that negativity is everywhere! The more and more I see it, I realize that everything doesn’t need a reaction. You have to choose very wisely as to what you let sit and marinate with you because that can be the exact seed to a reaction that isn’t beneficial for you or your spirit. There will always be negativity and you can’t control it, therefore it’s up to you to change your perspective about the situation when it happens at that very moment. Here are three ways that help me deal with negativity.


  • Examine the root of it– Like I stated before, everything is not worth a reaction, however let’s face it. We are human! Some things may hit home and cause us to get into our emotions, but when that happens I choose to dig deeper. The individual that is giving off that negative energy may be suffering from the “kick the cat syndrome” (To release your frustration and powerlessness by snapping at an innocent person or creature who just happens to be handy). Often times they are hurting inside and going through something far more bigger than little ol’ you! When I do this, my hurt/anger usually turns into sympathy. I feel for that individual and my main focus eventually alters. Hurt people often hurt other individuals. So choose to dig deeper and give off a positive reaction (if any).


  • Cancel out negative thoughts/actions and replace them with positive ones– Be kind! When someone throws negativity towards you, they are looking for a reaction! I always try to smile or throw out an act of kindness instead. I think it’s terrible to let 1 person out of billions of people in the world alter your character. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” This wasn’t always easy for me. Trust me, I had a reaction for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE lol. To this day, at the start of my day I ask God to help me be kind throughout the day just in case I slip up lol. This is something we all should practice on a day to day basis.


  • Know that you can’t please everyone- You can’t please everyone and you won’t be liked by everyone. Therefore you have to accept that and embrace what’s in front of you at the present moment. Always stay true to you, your character and be in control of your spirit! 


Hope that you enjoyed this topic. This is a new blog series called #MotivationMondays ! I will have a new topic to talk about every Monday. Thanks for reading!

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