Where Did Your Character Go?


“You have the most beautiful hair in the world” said a women on a NYC subway to a complete stranger. As the other individual takes out her earphones, she responded along with a smile so bright that you can tell it was that very compliment that brightened up her soul as she said “Thank you” .

That conversation I overheard made me think about character. Where did it go?

That was a conversation I overheard on a NYC subway recently. Yep, New York City! Besides, that girl did have one of thee best Bantu knot outs that I’ve ever saw! If you don’t know what that is, here is a photo reference.

I’ve been living in New York City all my life and never realized our culture as individuals. You get up to often ride public transportation packed with strangers like sardines.  No one utters a word. Some individuals look too tired to even speak….and others, well let’s say that there in “their own world”. This city is in a rush. A rush to go….somewhere. Whether it would be publicly or in the professional world, EVERYONE has somewhere to go. It’s no longer about your character, but in this city you become “what you do”. That strong drive can cause us to lose ourselves and forget our character, which in fact matter’s most.

Imagine a world that stripped you from all materialistic things- job titles, salaries, name brands, e.t.c- all “artificial highs/things that makes us whole”. What would you be? Most importantly, who would you be? Will you still feel like you mean something to the world or most crucial- to the people ?

We as individuals need a change.

As I grow older, I constantly think “Is this what it’s all about?”. As I continue to grow , I am growing closer and closer to God and along that journey I am learning to die to self.  I don’t do much talking about me. I hate to tell people the company I work for and what I do because the “oohs and ahhs” begin. Not because of the company, but until I say what I do, individuals seem uninterested. It’s quite sad! I can’t imagine me making it to where I am now without the glory and grace of God. Yes, encouragement helps, however even when I felt discouraged and like my work wasn’t enough, I always made it through. This cannot be my own effort.

I wanted to write this post to  (1) vent haha and (2) remind you all that it’s always nice to be “someone”, but it’s also nice to treat people with respect and kindness. The Bible states “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32). Smile often to complete strangers. Be curious as to how one feels. Personally, this is something I am working on. I try everyday to smile more or even ask people how they’re doing. Just remember, what people show you is just the surface. Just because an individual smiles doesn’t mean he/she is happy. Dig deeper and don’t lose yourself on titles, salaries, and status. Besides, materialism doesn’t last.

Got character?

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