DETAILED EYEBROW TUTORIAL -Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade (Chocolate)!



Isn’t it crazy that eyebrows are “IN”?

As you all notice, the trend of defining eyebrows by eyebrow pencils and gels has taken over the beauty world! I love doing this as well, but I prefer my brows to still have that “natural look”…obviously it’s not natural haha!

Some of my very close friends ask me what products I use for my eyebrows from time to time and I love to share! I absolutely love cosmetics and sharing what works for me. Today, I filmed an eyebrow tutorial to share how I get my eyebrows”ON FLEEK” (lol). I hope that you enjoy this very detailed eyebrow tutorial!

Products Used:

-Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade (Chocolate)
-MAC 266 Angled Brush
-LA GIRL Concealer in Fawn
-Elf Duo Eyebrow Brush


Where Did Your Character Go?


“You have the most beautiful hair in the world” said a women on a NYC subway to a complete stranger. As the other individual takes out her earphones, she responded along with a smile so bright that you can tell it was that very compliment that brightened up her soul as she said “Thank you” .

That conversation I overheard made me think about character. Where did it go?

That was a conversation I overheard on a NYC subway recently. Yep, New York City! Besides, that girl did have one of thee best Bantu knot outs that I’ve ever saw! If you don’t know what that is, here is a photo reference.

I’ve been living in New York City all my life and never realized our culture as individuals. You get up to often ride public transportation packed with strangers like sardines.  No one utters a word. Some individuals look too tired to even speak….and others, well let’s say that there in “their own world”. This city is in a rush. A rush to go….somewhere. Whether it would be publicly or in the professional world, EVERYONE has somewhere to go. It’s no longer about your character, but in this city you become “what you do”. That strong drive can cause us to lose ourselves and forget our character, which in fact matter’s most.

Imagine a world that stripped you from all materialistic things- job titles, salaries, name brands, e.t.c- all “artificial highs/things that makes us whole”. What would you be? Most importantly, who would you be? Will you still feel like you mean something to the world or most crucial- to the people ?

We as individuals need a change.

As I grow older, I constantly think “Is this what it’s all about?”. As I continue to grow , I am growing closer and closer to God and along that journey I am learning to die to self.  I don’t do much talking about me. I hate to tell people the company I work for and what I do because the “oohs and ahhs” begin. Not because of the company, but until I say what I do, individuals seem uninterested. It’s quite sad! I can’t imagine me making it to where I am now without the glory and grace of God. Yes, encouragement helps, however even when I felt discouraged and like my work wasn’t enough, I always made it through. This cannot be my own effort.

I wanted to write this post to  (1) vent haha and (2) remind you all that it’s always nice to be “someone”, but it’s also nice to treat people with respect and kindness. The Bible states “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.” (Ephesians 4:32). Smile often to complete strangers. Be curious as to how one feels. Personally, this is something I am working on. I try everyday to smile more or even ask people how they’re doing. Just remember, what people show you is just the surface. Just because an individual smiles doesn’t mean he/she is happy. Dig deeper and don’t lose yourself on titles, salaries, and status. Besides, materialism doesn’t last.

Got character?


#MotivationMonday (LATE)- Get Up & Go After What You Want!


Isn’t it about that time? Often times we start a plan for renewal only for the New Year and lose that great sense of  ambition after that. We tell ourselves “This year, I will finally go to the gym”, “This year I will build a relationship with Jesus” (…which I highly encourage #NOSHADE lol), or even “This year I will become a better me”. Somehow that motivation is lost and we find ourselves in the same place. Where did that motivation come from and most importantly how can we find it again?

Year after year, I remember setting goals to achieve so many things!  Trust me, just like you that motivation was lost until I discovered tips and tricks to help me. But today I am telling you, that you can get it back at this very moment like I did!

This year on my YouTube Channel, I decided to make a visual mood board for my goals. Just to name a few, my goals were to become a mentor for the Big Brothers Big Sister Organization, build a relationship with God, and work harder on my career goals. Today, I am  in the process of becoming a mentor –went through training and all (#YAY!) . I can say my relationship with God is getting better and better day by day. Lastly for career goals, I  recently had my first #MUA experience and working hard on inspirational content for SoulStyleBeauty!

So how do I stay motivated, you may ask? I don’t have any kind of special DNA, I have 24 hours in a day and if you’re reading this, I know we are already way more alike than you think! So just like me, you can reach your goals!

Let go of distractions– Let’s face it. We are both young and like to hang out with friends, but that can be a total distraction when you are trying to reach your goals. Time is one of thee most crucial things. You can waste it or use it wisely! I take ME TIME  every weekend. This definitely sacrifices my time with friends, but if your friends truly love you they will understand! Friends aren’t the only things that can distract you, but television (Oh yes, that good ol’ ratchet tv lol) and social media are distractions as well. Don’t over do it!

Stay Prayerful-  God has your back! Ask him to keep you focused on your purpose and your dreams. Spirituality is also a part of building a business or brand. I know I want god to be a part of anything that  I do! I encourage you guys to pray, pray and pray some more!

No Coveting or Envy Please!- No coveting (worrying about the thing you want that another individual already has) or envy (what you feel towards someone when he has something that you want) please! Life is a journey. Not you and another individual’s journey. When it comes to what you want to achieve, focus on your progression. Envy and coveting will not only slow down or stop your motivation, but it can make you a nasty competitive person. Worry about your progression ladies!

Stay Grateful for ALL Accomplishments- Whether big or small, be grateful. If you can’t be grateful for what you have, how will you ever reach satisfaction? When tracking, be grateful for every milestone! This is crucial!

Practice #SHAMELESS Promotion- It is so hard for me sometimes to tell people about my YouTube or Blog, but it truly can help you gain an audience. Regardless if we’re doing it for fun or to speak life into people, we want an audience, correct? Be real! Tell your friends, your cousins, your mom- EVERYONE! These individuals become your biggest support team and keep you motivated.

So, without further ado- Get up and go after what you want!



#MotivationMondays- I Don’t Matter! (Be Selfless)



Living in NYC, I usually come across hundreds of individuals on a day to day basis. Most of them seem stressed, tired and fed up due to working extremely hard to make a living. The American Dream/ “success” often causes us to focus on US. Nonetheless, you do have to make a living , right? Nothing at all is wrong with that, but forgetting others in the process is wrong.

Recently I realized that even myself, is guilty of this! I was reading 1 Corinthians on my way to Delaware this weekend and pulled out the following- “No one should seek their own good, but the good of others.” (1 Corinthians 10:24). We often are so focused on social status, disregarding other individuals of the world. To give a helping hand or treat someone with kindness, it takes a lot of effort. Why? Often times, we don’t care to relate to others until a struggle in our own lives happens.

I decided to shoot a video discussing this topic because everyone needs to hear it, including myself. As I read through 1 Corinthians, this truly exemplifies how we should treat other individuals. By watching this video, I hope to encourage you all to think of other individuals. Last month, I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Red Cross and help make disaster packages for families that lose their homes. This month, I am working on becoming a mentor for the Big Brother Big Sister Organization. I hope to encourage you guys to lend a helping hand! An act of kindness towards someone or even a helping hand doesn’t cost a thing. #BeSelfless



Motivation Mondays- How To Deal With Negative People

I hope that you’re off to an amazing start of the week! Today, I decided to do a video on how to deal with negative people/negative energy. The older I get, I realize that negativity is everywhere! The more and more I see it, I realize that everything doesn’t need a reaction. You have to choose very wisely as to what you let sit and marinate with you because that can be the exact seed to a reaction that isn’t beneficial for you or your spirit. There will always be negativity and you can’t control it, therefore it’s up to you to change your perspective about the situation when it happens at that very moment. Here are three ways that help me deal with negativity.


  • Examine the root of it– Like I stated before, everything is not worth a reaction, however let’s face it. We are human! Some things may hit home and cause us to get into our emotions, but when that happens I choose to dig deeper. The individual that is giving off that negative energy may be suffering from the “kick the cat syndrome” (To release your frustration and powerlessness by snapping at an innocent person or creature who just happens to be handy). Often times they are hurting inside and going through something far more bigger than little ol’ you! When I do this, my hurt/anger usually turns into sympathy. I feel for that individual and my main focus eventually alters. Hurt people often hurt other individuals. So choose to dig deeper and give off a positive reaction (if any).


  • Cancel out negative thoughts/actions and replace them with positive ones– Be kind! When someone throws negativity towards you, they are looking for a reaction! I always try to smile or throw out an act of kindness instead. I think it’s terrible to let 1 person out of billions of people in the world alter your character. Ephesians 4:32 says, “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.” This wasn’t always easy for me. Trust me, I had a reaction for EVERYTHING and EVERYONE lol. To this day, at the start of my day I ask God to help me be kind throughout the day just in case I slip up lol. This is something we all should practice on a day to day basis.


  • Know that you can’t please everyone- You can’t please everyone and you won’t be liked by everyone. Therefore you have to accept that and embrace what’s in front of you at the present moment. Always stay true to you, your character and be in control of your spirit! 


Hope that you enjoyed this topic. This is a new blog series called #MotivationMondays ! I will have a new topic to talk about every Monday. Thanks for reading!




Hi Loves!

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you know that the Missy Lynn Palette recently launched with BH Cosmetics. Missy Lynn is one of my favorite YouTubers and I just had to support her! I purchased 2 Missy Lynn palettes, one for me and my giveaway winner Jasmyne! Congratulations again Jasmyne!  I’ve been doing different looks with this palette and i have to say that I definitely recommend it. The shadows are very well pigmented and glide on so easily! Today,I decided to create this look and I absolutely love it. Hope you guys enjoy this video!

Products Used:

*Primer- Mac Studio Fix Concealer (NC45)
*Transition Color- “Texture” from Mac Cosmetics
*2nd Lower Transition Color- Missy Lynn Palette
*Crease Color- “Vino” from Motives Cosmetics
* Outer V– Missy Lynn Palette
*Lid Color- Missy Lynn Palette
*Lashes- Elite Lashes in 118
*Regular Pencil Black Eyeliner for Water Line
*Lower Lash Line Color- Missy Lynn Palette
*Mascara- L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

*Foundation- Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Gineau
*Concealor- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealor in Amande
*Ben Nye Banana Powder to set Highlight
*Contour- MAC Match Master Concealer in #9
*Set Contour- Mac Blush- Blunt
-Highlight- Becca Highlighter in Topaz



#GirlTalk-Envy vs Jealousy Coveting Success In Your 20s

Hey Girls!

Another girl talk here! I’ve hesitated with this topic , but I feel like this should be a topic discussed amongst us women…especially since social media has literally started to “run our world“. Let me just say, I am not writing this post in a “you vs. me” aspect. As females, I am almost 150% sure that we’ve BOTH experienced jealousy and envy towards an individual due to their success or something they have. This post is to strictly help us analyze our thought process as we start to feel these emotions. This has helped me and I know it will help you.

We need to start asking “why?” and “what can we do to achieve what we want to achieve?” rather than “why does this individual have this and I don’t?”. This is called coveting and once you start to covet, often times you start to envy that individual or become jealous of that individual.

First, let me define both emotions. Envy is an emotion that causes you to bear a grudge due to what an individual may have. Jealousy is an emotion that makes you resent an individual due to their success. These emotions are completely natural and come out of nowhere, however I want to help us change our thought process.

First, if you haven’t heard this before, there is a story behind everyone’s achievement. That individual didn’t just wake up out of bed and get a 100k YouTube followers, become a Grammy Award winner or write a book that has now become a #1 New York Times best seller. For everything that we see, that individual has gone through plenty of battles to achieve that specific success. By the way, the reason why I am using sucess as an example for this post is because it’s the main reason for people in their twenties to feel this way. Some graduate before another, some get a job before another, some are traveling before another, e.t.c. This is a HUGE issue for individuals in their twenties (23 and up).

The first thing I want you to know if, life is not a race. The worst thing you can do is try to compare yourself to another individual. We all get things when the time is right. If a door/opportunity doesn’t open for you, then it doesn’t mean another won’t come along the way. Stay focused on YOU, YOUR goals and the things YOU can do to achieve those goals.

The second thing I want you all to think about is using that person as an inspiration rather than idolizing them. Often times we often sit back and idolize a person’s success. For example, when we meet a celebrity, the first thing that we’ll probably say is “Can we take a photo?”…or in this day in age “Can we take a selfie?“. That photo is temporary satisfaction, however in the same amount of time we can look up that persons biography and intake beneficial information about that individual’s success. Let’s start asking these successful individuals for advice!

Lastly, TAKE ACTION. I have met plenty of individuals who do more talking of a lifetime rather than action. If you want something take action. Nothing is stopping you at all. Take time to sit down and brainstorm about what you want and how you can achieve it. Beyonce has 24 hours in a day , Obama has 24 hours in a day, Veronica Roth has 24 hours in a day and so do you.


T A K E  A C T I O N !



Hi Loves!

I recently was on the hunt for good quality matte shadows. I decided to give in and purchase the new Tarte Tartelette Palette. This Tartelette Palette features 12 matte eyeshadows which is perfect for everyday use. When I do decide to apply eye makeup, I usully go for neutral matte tones to keep it simple for work. I decided to film a tutorial using this Tartlette Palette and I hope you all enjoy it. By the way, this palette is OKAY. Totally not loving it, but not hating it….if that makes sense LOL. I will be filming a review on this palette when I receive my ring light tomorrow! I definitely have pro’s and con’s to discuss about this one!

Thank you guys! xoxo!

Products Used:
*Primer- Mac Studio Fix Concealer (NC45)
*Transition Color- “Force of nature” from Tartelette Palette
*Crease Color- “Multi-Tasker” from Tartelette Palette
*Eyeshadow Base- ” “Free Spirti” from Tartelette Palette
*Lid Color- MAC Shadow in Soft Brown
*Black for Outer V- “Fashionista” from Tartelette Palette
*Lashes- Ardell Natural Lashes in 110
*Inner Tear Duct Highlight- “Rose” from Lorac 2 Palette
*Regular Pencil Black Eyeliner for Water Line
*Mascara- L’oreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black

*Foundation- Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in New Gineau
*Concealor- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealor in Amande
*Ben Nye Banana Powder to set Highlight
*Contour- MAC Match Master Concealer in #9
*Set Contour- Mac Blush- Blunt
-Highlight- Becca Highlighter in Topaz

L E T S   T A L K !:
Instagram: @TheFashionCrazexo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheFashionCraze
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFashionCrazee

Camera: Nikon D3200
Editing Software: Final Cut Pro X
Lighting: Natural Daylight Bae Bae!


Response: “Don’t Make Pain An Addiction: Why You Need To Believe You Deserve Better”


As a “twenty-something”, I am sure when it comes to dating and relationships we’ve had a lot of “ shoulda coulda woulda” situations. We’ve all had those moments when all we want to do is lay down, cry, call a close friend while watching trashy television and downing a good ol’ pint of Talenti Ice Cream (btw I love that stuff haha!). This moment happens again….and again….and again.


If you’ve been following my blog, you would know that one of my favorite blogs to read is Elite Daily- The Voice of Generation Y. I enjoy reading articles written by individuals that I can relate to, especially when the article speaks to me. The latest article that I read that sparked me to write a response was “Don’t Make Pain An Addiction: Why You Need To Believe You Deserve Better” by Akina Chargualaf. This article states interesting points that we (as women) should know!


(1)“My faith in myself completely diminishes during those free-falling moments. I never expect to fall for someone, but then again, I don’t plan for him to completely cut me out of his life, either. No explanation. Done. I’m sure it’s happened to all of us. Maybe once, possibly twice and for myself, a third time.”

(2)”We love the good, but we’re obsessed with loving the bad. Sometimes, the bad is what makes us stay, no matter how much it hurts us in the long run. We’re just being humans who live to love and be loved in return.”

When you first start dating someone, you have faith that the person will be a good person. After all, we all have standards (at least I hope we all do) that also plays a part in who we decide to date. You would think that the person you choose is an overall good person, right? However, once that person betrays us and/or hurts us, it’s hard to walk away. You have so much potential in that person. I never understand as a women (who make mistakes like this as well), why do we take so much from someone who is clearly showing us their true colors? I believe that we all love the potential of the person more than who that individual really is. We know we deserve better! I am a true believer that once you start loving yourself, you also start knowing your worth. You deserve better! We as women should start taking a stand and not tolerate anything less than our standards!

(3)”You are the one pulling your own hand through the darkness. You always have been. Have the strength to walk away when something no longer urges you to grow. Have the courage to love again because you deserve love and happiness as much as the person sitting next to you.”



Hi Loves!! Today will be no makeup tutorial/hair tutorial, but i wanted to do something a bit different. Let’s talk about goals and dreams! I decided that I wanted to do a vision board about my goals for 2015. The purpose of vision boards is to manifest what you want to achieve. They are a great way of looking your dreams and goals in the eye and saying “I AM GOING TO GET THIS!” or it can simply serve as being a bold reminder to achieve something. I decided to create a short video style vision board for you all! I hope you enjoy. If you decide to make one, please share on Twitter (@TheFashionCraze) or Instagram (@TheFashionCrazexo) and be sure tag me!

What are your 2015 goals? Let me know down below!

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