I Refuse to Flake On Myself.


Hey SSB Fam!

Hope you are all well!

Girl…. I’ve been crazy busy these days! Being a full time Special Education Teacher and part-time Content Creator,  I’m in this constant  battle of fighting against time and what consumes my time. The crazy thing is, I have crazy passion for both jobs, however creating my own content is what really “lights me up”. During this “#adulting journey”, where there is no such thing as balance and doing everything, I have learned to prioritize in order to keep my passion alive for my own content.

I refuse to flake on me.

Here are somethings that I have learned that will help you put yourself on top of your priority list. After all, you can’t be of any good use to anyone else if you’re not good (can I get an AMEN?).

Set Boundaries

I am a boundaries queen when it comes to making sure to take time for me. Being a teacher period is socially exhausting and at the end of the day I need self care in any way. That includes, getting away from my phone and responding to text messages when I feel relaxed, taking time to read, listening to podcast, etc. Literally, whatever floats my boat. It’s truly important to set boundaries and have a voice when you feel that something or someone is draining you. I cannot stress this enough.


I try so hard to not work over the weekend” said every teacher in the world! It’s hard, but I make sacrifices during prep times (and sometimes over the week) to utilize my time wisely. I look forward to see what task are coming up (work and graduate school task) and try to spread it out during the week. This is how I’ve been able to still work on my content and my passion outside of work. I hold my passion for SoulStyleBeauty so close to me, so if something gets in the way of me not creating content at all, I will be a miserable wreck lol.

Scheduling Social Activities

I used to laugh at my friends who were planner fanatics, however I wish that I started this habit earlier. As an adult, you honestly cannot chill everyday. It gets harder to maintain relationships- both romantic relationships and friendships. I find it more easier to schedule social activities two weeks in advance so I am prepared mentally for the sacrifice of my sleep and of course a good time.

Keep Your Passion Alive

I always tell people to keep doing what you love regardless if you are tired. Personally, what makes me happy is creating content for SoulStyleBeauty. Although I would like to be more consistent on YouTube, I am happy with making sure I post what I love across all platforms and I enjoy doing it. I encourage you to do something you like to do at least once a week.

Life is so busy as an adult, the last person you want to flake on is yourself!

Keep fighting daily.

Love y’all!


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