#GodsGirlsBrunch//001 – Bigger than me.

Wow, it’s literally been about 5 days since I hosted my first #GodsGirlsBrunch. Let me just say that this post is for me because I love to look back on what God did, but I do hope you truly see how great God is as you read this post.

As everyone socialized and exchanged contact information for the last 25 minutes of my event, Nissi (blogger and founder of podcast My Strength and My Shield) came up to me and asked me “Can I ask you something? Do you think this (this=speaking and throwing an event such as this) comes natural to you?

My short answer is No.

You see, it took me a while to get out my comfort zone. I started my YouTube Channel my senior year of high school and my blog my first year of college. I barely shared my content and was always fearful of what people thought of me.  No one except close friends at the time knew about my blog or YT channel. As time went by I actually had falling outs with people because of jealousy and envy of how driven and motivated I was. Therefore I started hiding who I was because simply it made people upset and uncomfortable. It was a constant prayer that I would not be moved by peoples opinions. I truly think that this year, I felt a HUGE supernatural shift.

I started sharing more of WHO I AM. Emari, a imperfect believer , a makeup lover who loves styles and to inspire peopleAt first, before being saved in 2014, my channel just consist of the things I loved- Fashion and Makeup. When I got saved, I was so on fire for the Lord and wanted to of course incorporate my faith. It was then that I realized that my purpose was bigger than me. It was so uncomfortable coming out to friends and family that I was now saved, but I did it anyway.

Three years later, God is still working on my behind through the process of sanctification. He continues to strip me down of layers and layers of myself and continues to show me that I NEED HIM to get anything done out here in these streets!

Back in November of 2017, God implanted this vision of #GodsGirlsBrunch. Women will get together monthly and be filled by the Word of God, cultivate relationships and encourage one another. I was scared to act out on it and prayed to make sure that this was a desire from Him because if it wasn’t I don’t want any parts lol! As months with by, God provided literally everything. An event planner, a photographer, down to the scriptures we actually studied.

All it took was a posture of obedience, trust in Him, and a receptive heart. You don’t have to be any perfect being to be used by God. I am a imperfect being, sister, friend, yet God still used me. If we ever wait until we are perfect, we will never feel freedom.

So, no this did not come natural, but God gave me such freedom and peace about this event. He allowed me to speak His TRUTH as the ladies and I discussed #ActiveFaith. I cannot give any praise to myself that I feel the freedom I feel, but it was a constant prayer that I will be released from people bondage. I pray that if this is your current situation, you continue to pray and watch what God will do. I will never feel comfortable speaking, but reliance on Him makes everything better.

Just remember these two things:

  1. You will never please everyone. You cannot be everything to everyone.
  2. Nobody ever changed the world by worrying about people’s opinions of them.

Thank you for everyone who came. I pray this event continues to happen as He leads me <3.

Love y’all!,

SoulStyleBeauty <3


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