Where God guides, He provides.

Top: Target , Jeans: Fashion Nova , Shoes Just Fab, Bag: Aimee Kestenberg

Hey SSB Fam!

Y’all, it’s been a crazy year, but I am here. As I packed up my classroom, taped the boxes shut and looked around the empty room all I could say is “Thank you God”. It’s been a full year since my career switch from corporate fashion to now working as an Elementary Special Education Teacher. If you would of told me 5 years ago that i would’ve been teaching kids in classroom and attending grad school for education instead of working in Fashion, I would’ve laughed.

Last year, I found myself empty without purpose at my job and I was miserable. I worked as a Trim Assistant for Ralph Lauren and I felt that this brown skin 25 year old girl could never climb the corporate ladder, let alone get paid as my white counterpart. It was draining my passion daily. At first, I decided to actually interview for other companies. I would go on interviews and walked out like I got this, but the door never opened. I was pissed, so after throwing all the fits (literally all), I prayed to god to give me the desires of my heart in regards to my career. The desire for teaching got stronger.

I told family and friends and my mom told me that “teaching doesn’t pay much” and others just said they can’t picture my fashionista self teaching. Throughout all the talk,I reached out to a friend who was teaching at a school and she recommended me for the job. I was scheduled for the interview and the day of I was hired on the spot. God knew where he wanted me and I officially answered the call.

Top: Target , Jeans: Fashion Nova , Shoes Just Fab, Bag: Aimee Kestenberg

When I first started at the job I was a Assistant Teacher. I wasn’t feeling it at first and questioned if I made the right decision. My work hours changed from waking up at 6:30am/7 am to now 4:30 am. I was now a student again. The pressure of the changes weighed on me. Months later my boss approached me with a promotion. She presented me a new role of being a Special Education/Intervention Teacher. I felt such peace taking the position and cried real tears y’all. I was so thankful.

What inspired this post was my principle literally saying to me “I felt like you’ve found your purpose”. She doesn’t know much about me, but hearing those words meant everything. Everyday, throughout the stress, I love what I do. I love the kids I get to serve on a daily basis because it has a lasting change on their future.

I hope that this post allows you to trust God in where he wants you to go. He is a god that provides, restores and will strengthen you along the way. I was not qualified to be a teacher. I didn’t think I was able to get up at the ungodly hour of 4:30am, but I do.  On top of that, God allows me to still pursue my interest by blogging about Faith,Beauty and Fashion. All glory be to God!

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.- Psalm 32:8

Keep fighting daily.

Love y’all!


  1. Laura
    June 16, 2018 / 6:14 pm

    That’s was timely and beautiful . I’m trying to find my way after leaving an abusive relationship and having a child with him. I’ve been trying to walk by faith and a door had opened. I’m a was a bit hesitant but God keeps showing me to walk through. I feel like your time testimony is a sign and confirmation . Thanks for sharing

    • Soul Style Beauty
      June 17, 2018 / 6:44 am

      Hey Laura! Praise God! I will def. lift you up in prayer. God will guide you girl. Stay in His word and be receptive to all he has for you. <3

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