10 Random Facts About Me


Hey SSB Fam! Happy Sunday! I’ve always been transparent within reason, but more is always good. I see new people joining the mailing list every week, so I decided to share a few facts about me beyond the blog. So here are some things you probably didn’t (or did) know:

  • I am the third child born in a family of four children. I have two older sisters and a younger sister.
  • I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I love Brooklyn and I 100% loved my childhood.
  • I attended the Fashion Institute of Technology for Fashion Design. I ended up getting my AAS degree in Fashion Design. I didn’t get into the bachelors program because I got sick that year and didn’t finish my projects which resulted in bad grades. From there (blessing in disguise) I studied Advertising Marketing Communications. I plan to have my own business one day. Learned so much!
  • I am a true extroverted introvert. I find people to be intriguing and exhausting, I need time to recharge after long social interactions, I need time to warm up to social situations sometimes, etc. No one will ever know that because I don’t let that stop me from going to events, networking or throwing my Gods Girls Brunches.
  • I love building when it comes to relationships. Its very rare that I’ll meet someone and we’ll click instantly. I like to build by spending time and conversations of substance. Gossiping as a bonding tool is a no no for me. Relationships built on much more is my thing. With that being said, still friends with my childhood best friend Charline and continuing to build with my few close friends.
  • I always sleep on my side and twist & turn like crazy at night.
  • I can eat my favorite foods all the time- Calamari, Crawfish and Caribbean food. I can legit go to the same restaurants and never get tired.
  • I danced up until I got into college. For both junior high school and high school, I auditioned and got in for dance. Later on I joined the dance ministry at my church for two years.
  • No one invited me to church. I became a Christian because God gave me a desire to go randomly in 2014. I looked up churches and decided to check out The Brooklyn Tabernacle. I’ve been there for four years now. God legit met me all by himself. He is that good!
  • I am totally in love with my boyfriend Jose. He is legit my best friend and I can tell why God put us together. Can’t wait to spend my life with him.

Keep fighting daily.

Love y’all!



  1. Kisha
    October 1, 2018 / 10:40 pm

    Hi Soulstylebeauty! How did you know that Jose was the one? How did God confirm it you guys?

    • Soul Style Beauty
      October 7, 2018 / 9:52 pm

      Hey Love! Just knowing the qualities of a man of God along with prayer. Jose was extremely intentional about dating. We went on friendship dates at first and then he asked for my number. He stated that it was just to get to know me as a friend. We talked for 4 months and we had mutual feelings. We were prayerful and felt the peace of God.

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